Introduction to SubSurface Scattering

Introduction to SubSurface Scattering

Chapters Description

The Project

The setup of the scene is a very important step, getting a nice result would be difficult without a good understanding of how it was conceived. In the first parts of the lesson you will be introduced to the project and to the way the scene is built to give clarity to move through the topics smoothly.

Subsurface Scattering

As usual, Houdini offers many ways to accomplish a task and the same goes for Subsurface Scattering. We’ll dive into the world of SSS and the different methods it offers. Using strait forward examples, you will understand how to use this feature and what is needed for it to work correctly.

Lights And Materials

Light affect directly the SSS results. We’ll talk about how to create and assign the non SSS materials and most importantly, how to create the SSS material for our juice. Understanding how to start a material, if it is a modified built in Houdini material or if you’ll be starting from scratch is always something to think about when searching the right look for your render. Mastering attributes on the points of an object and use them inside your shading network will become clear to you.

Render Refinements

To finish off this image, you still need to create the material for the straw, which will also need SSS, so you will apply one more time what you’ve learned so far to create that material and get your Juicy result!




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