SimSOM download + want to get involved?

SimSOM download + want to get involved?

February 17, 2013 - Posted by Georges in Appliactions, SimSOM


Hello everyone,
It has been a crazy period for me these last few months, loads of work, this is why you haven’t heard any news from me, and I haven’t touched SimSOM for ages.
Since I am not seing any big openings in my schedule any time soon, I have decided:
1 – To share SimSOM with you so that you can try it and play with it. It is far from done, there are still many non implemented features, the simulation codes need improving in many areas…etc and don’t expect it to be problem/bug free, but this is how far I got with the time I had, and it would be a shame keeping it in my drawer for who know when.
2 – I wanted to ask if someone is interested in getting involved in the project to push it further, because it would be a shame stopping the work at this point. Please contact me on my email/pm if you are interested and we can discuss it.
In the attached archive, you will find a windows dll and a linux so file, both compiled against H12.1.185 x64, with many example scene files.
I would like to hear your opinions, and see any nice sims you come up with!!
If -even in this non complete state- you decided to use it for a commercial project please get in touch with me.

For more information and demo videos please feel free to visit the SimSOM project page.

I guess that is all for now.


EDIT: I received a few requests to compile SimSOM for houdini 13 for windows, so I included two new dlls in the archive compiled against H13.0.343 x64 one for the vc9 and one for the vc11 versions. A couple of quick tests revealed the vc11 version to be way faster than the vc9 one. At the moment I don’t have the time to fully test it, fingers crossed it should work fine, in case it doesn’t let me know.


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  • Vincent AUDINEAU - May 22, 2013 - Reply

    Hello Georges, It is a very interesting application you have ! It looks very promising I wonder If you plan to share the source code or not ... Since SideFX released Houdini I am afraid the library you provide are not compatible anymore with the last versions of theproduct. Thanks for your answer. Vincent

    • Georges - June 7, 2013 - Reply

      Hello Vincent, Thank you for your comment. Since I don't have the time to develop SimSOM anymore, I am considering releasing the code as open source. I will make it known if/when I post it online. I will try to compile a new 12.5 version when I have some time. Cheers, Geo

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