SimSOM Pre-Alpha I

SimSOM Pre-Alpha I

October 3, 2011 - Posted by Georges in Appliactions, SimSOM

It has been a while I wanted to post some demos of the multi-physics simulator I am working on, and it is until now that I got some time to actually do it.
It is called SimSOM, I was searching for a name when sesame seeds came into my mind because of their particly nature, and in my Lebanese mother tongue sesame seeds are called simsom, then I thought: Hey! “SimSOM” could be “Simulating States of Matter” and the name SimSOM was born.

It is still far from done, and there are tons of ideas fighting in my head to implement, but I already managed to get many parts done or partially done, and I am moving forward, slowly but surely – depending on the amount of free time that I can get.

It is basically an independnt library, Multiplatform and application independant, it can be easily implemented for any 3D app. My current implementation is for Houdini using its HDK, and all the demos are realized using it.

I coded everything from scratch, based on many papers, publications and algorithms that I improved on myself.

At this point it is still a work in progress, parts of it are done, parts are not yet written, and other parts are to be modified, updated, or even re-written, to meet all the ideas I have in my head.

Next are a few demos, demonstrating some of the functionalities upto this point.
I will be making more posts and updates along the way, it’s going to be great!

click on Read more to see the demos.

Soft Sticky Material

Water Emission

Water in Basin

Breakable Soft Body in a Bowl

Sphere Hitting a Breakable Soft Body

Two Spheres Hitting a Breakable Soft Body

Breakable Soft Body Falling to the Ground

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